Our story
We have been working in the hospitality and vacation rental field since 1999.

Our journey started out in Aradeo, a small town near Lecce.
Here, the former founders – who happened to be close friends – had a common idea: make “front beach second homes” turn into comfortable accommodations for tourists.
The two friends carried out their plan and designed a website called Salento.com. It was meant to offer an accurate selection of accommodations
and to give incoming guests the safest and most comfortable experience possible.

In 2009, the agency turned into a tour operator after being acquired by Aratravel. This set the ground for further growth and strengthening.

In 2021, the company embarked on a transformative journey toward smarter and more digital communication.

We have been welcoming hundreds of families and groups of friends from Italy and abroad.
Throughout the years we changed a lot. Still, we tried to be true to our philosophy which revolves around the client’s needs and wishes.

Our mission
Our desire is to create a special bond between our homeland and anyone who comes to visit it.

A special connection

Trying to do so, we outlined a value proposition aimed to promote the land of Salento.
On our freshly redesigned website, you can choose from a high-quality selection of holiday homes and add-on services. Booking your vacation will be fast and easy.

Moreover, being strongly committed to promoting the Salento at its full range, we defined a unique selection of experiences and leisure activities. This will give you the chance to discover hidden gems of Italy’s heel.

Our main values are hospitality and authenticity.

Our team
We are a young and proactive team putting our skills and professional expertise at the company and clients’ service. We share an innate bond with our homeland along with the desire to make its beauty resonate with anyone visiting it.